Before we even get into this one, we do NOT condone the copying and selling of another artists work. This project is for fun, not a way to illegally copy music.

It seems like vinyl, despite being older than cassette tapes and CDs, is the one physical music storage system that will never go out of style. Some audiophiles swear by vinyl’s quality (though empirical evidence may sometimes disagree), but like most things it all comes down to personal preference. It may not be “better” sound, but there is something distinctly unique about a vinyl recording.

One thing a lot of vinyl records are not is flashy. While artists like the Beatles, Rolling Stones, and Bob Marley have released some pretty rad colored vinyls, most are just plain black with a little label. That doesn’t mean you can’t just make your own, though.

Jess Morgan | Make Magazine

In an article from Make, contributor Jess Morgan shows the full process for making a working copy of any vinyl record you already own. They are great personal collector’s items or even a gift for that special someone (a custom-poured vinyl record with your song on it is a sure thing).

She starts by making a mold of the existing record with silicone. After letting it dry for 24 hours, she pours her resin in. She also decorates the mixture with varies colors (as well some clear bits). Check out her full tutorial here.