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“This is just… This is just soft foam and duct tape. It can’t harm anyone.“ Role Models (2008) Choosing the right foam for your costume/prop is probably the first big choice you’ll make in the process. It’s important to know what you want your piece to look like and how you want it to behave […]
It’s almost that time of year. The best time of year. Halloween! Even if you aren’t a Brooklyn Nine-Nine fan, Halloween is still the best holiday. It allows for a lot more creativity when decorating than some other holidays (looking at you, Christmas… all those houses look the same!). Just like last week we’re bringing […]
It’s almost time for everyone’s favorite holiday. No, not Christmas. I’m talking about Halloween! The one day of the year that it’s socially acceptable to dress in ridiculous costumes and collect exorbitant amounts of candy from strangers. The only thing more fun than going out on Halloween is decorating for it. Whether you like to […]