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Let’s be honest for a second… the world is not a particularly trustworthy place these days. A lot people are only looking out for themselves. We shouldn’t let that affect how we see the world, but that doesn’t mean we should be suckers either. The folks over at The Family Handyman came up with this […]
This one is really simple, but a great idea. You can buy baby or pet gates pretty cheap these days, but none of them are custom made for your door frame, which means none of them are quite a perfect fit. Over at the Finding Purpose Blog, one couple was came up with the idea […]
Since standing desks are becoming more and more popular still, this excellent idea from Bored Panda community member Jesse Daniel should satisfy just about anyone. His fully adjustable, wall-mounted desk can sit at just about any height or angle. This project was made completely from scratch. Once all of the main pieces were cut, it […]
Even the God of Thunder was a baby at some point. And what could be more adorable than a miniature Mjolnir rattle? Instructables user IJustLikeMakingThings had that idea and rolled with it. It’s actually a pretty simple wood working project, but since it is wood, you probably shouldn’t give this to your baby until they’ve […]
I’m sure most people have a speaker of some sort to connect their phone to these days, but wouldn’t it be cool to naturally amplify your phone’s volume? Oh, and charge it at the same time? Woodworker Paul Mayer designed this elegant wood amplifier that doubles as a charging station. It’s not exactly a beginner’s […]
If you’re a gamer or even just someone who spends a lot of time on a computer, chances are you have preferences for how your keyboard looks and feels. Everything from the space between keys to the material used can radically change the feel of a keyboard. What happens if you like two different things […]
While a drying rack might not sound like the flashiest project to take on, this genius foldable rack by HomemadeTools.net user Christofix might change your mind. This is a purely woodworking build that may seems a little daunting at first, but thanks to the great video tutorial he provided, you should be able to tackle […]
Before we even get started, be warned: this project is time-consuming, nerve-wracking, and ultimately unnecessary… but boy is it cool! Firstly, it should be noted that this is NOT an emulator. This is a fully-functioning Nintendo Wii circuit board that was cut down and modified to fit into a mint tin. A modder by the […]
If you’re not familiar with hops, they are the flowers of the plant species Humulus lupulus. Hops have been used to make beer since as far back as the year 736. Depending on the variety of hops used, they can add floral, fruity, or citrus flavor to your brew. They are also responsible for beer’s […]
Sawhorses are an essential part of any woodworker’s shop. Actually, sawhorses are an essential part of any shop, period. The major downside to them is that they can take up a pretty large footprint of space, and as we all know, space is one of the most crucial commodities in a shop. Sawhorses themselves are […]