Power drills are some of the most important tools you have so it’s important to keep them charged – you never know when a DIY moment will strike. Charging them all on your workbench, though, takes up the space you need to, well, work, and wires can turn into a spaghetti dish complete with charger and battery pack meatballs.

User, GlassImpressions, at Lumberjocks got inspired to come up with a better way to organize all his power drills after stumbling across a similar project on the site. With some plywood and an old cherry stain, he built a wall-mounted shelf wide enough to house all his drills hanging side by side. The holsters for the drills are 3-inch PVC pipes with a notch cut at the bottom so the drills just slide in and hang in place securely. He even painted each one with some left-over green paint before screwing them to the bottom of the shelf. The top of the shelf has plenty of room for a powerstrip, all your charging stations and extra batteries.

Power Drill Charging Station

Check out GlassImpressions’ project for more photos: GlassImpressions | Lumberjocks