Not everyone has a massive shop to work in. It’s likely that, if you’re reading this, you probably have a bit of a space problem. Don’t we all! Whether we have to share our space with another person or a whole bunch of “we’ll get to it someday” storage items, we could all benefit from a little more space.

This handy little build from the lovely and talented Elisha over at Pneumatic Addict can really save you a ton of space (assuming you’re not doing anything too heavy-duty).

She starts with a design from American Woodworking Magazine (now Popular Woodworking Magazine), which uses plenty of hinges and some serious mathematics to create this foldable frame.

American Woodworking Magazine, February/March 2007

This thing takes up almost NO space once it’s folded up. It can easily fit into many tight spaces or be rolled up against a wall to keep walkways clear.

Pneumatic Addict

Elisha added some additional support for her work surface as well as making it easier to attach and detach as necessary. You can see her full tutorial, in video form, so you can make your own folding workbench.