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How to Solder: Complete Beginner’s Guide


Join Rachel De Barros for this beginner’s crash course on how to solder – in 360!

Starting with how to choose the right soldering equipment to splicing wires and easy soldering techniques, you’ll be ready to take on your next wiring or electronics project.

TOOLS in the video (or similar):

Vastar Soldering Iron Kit: https://bit.ly/2EczBuK
Weller Soldering Gun: https://bit.ly/2EiCQkr
Lead Solder with Rosin Core (60/40): https://bit.ly/2EfHSy4
Rosin Paste: https://bit.ly/2QJyQzT
Brass Tip Cleaner: https://bit.ly/2LaB4mJ
Helping Hands: https://bit.ly/2L8RzQh