It’s almost time for everyone’s favorite holiday. No, not Christmas. I’m talking about Halloween! The one day of the year that it’s socially acceptable to dress in ridiculous costumes and collect exorbitant amounts of candy from strangers.

The only thing more fun than going out on Halloween is decorating for it. Whether you like to keep it light and breezy with smiling jack-o-lanterns, or go hardcore with a (hopefully) staged murder scene, Halloween lets us flex our creative muscles more than any other holiday.

In keeping with a more family-friendly decorating process, Cathi over at Scratch and Stitch created this awesome totem pole of glowing plastic jack-o-lanterns. All you really need are the buckets, some string lights, and a hat of your choosing.

Scratch and Stitch

Cathi used a length of rebar for her foundation, but anything long and sturdy will work, even a wooden dowel. See the full tutorial on how to make your own light-up plastic Jack O’ Lantern totem on her website and get to decorating!