I’m always finding new uses for my rotary tool every time I get new attachments. Because of this, it’s one of the most versatile tools in my toolbox able to cut, carve, engrave, sand, grind, clean and polish. But certain attachments like a plunge router can run over $20.

For DIYers like manuelmasc at Instructables who just needed to make one cut or find themselves in a bind, you can make your own using the bottom half of a plastic jar. A peanut butter container works quite well and you can use the outer ring of the lid to reinforce your cutting edge. You’ll also need your rotary tool with a drums sander bit and cutting wheel, a marker and some glue.

Cut a circle on the bottom of your plastic jar the same diameter as your rotary tool’s neck and chop off the remainder of the jar to your desired length. Glue the rim portion of the jar’s lid to the inside edge of the jar to form a stronger cutting ring and you’ll be ready to make a few simple cuts with your new DIY attachment.

DIY Router Attachment

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