Headphone jack. 3.5 mm. Aux port. It has many names, but serves one very important purpose. It delivers audio from our devices to our ears. If you frequently use your headphones from your computer, as a gamer or editor for example, your audio jack may not always be in the best spot. Maybe it’s at the back of your monitor or behind your computer tower. If you’re like me, maybe you tend to bring your headphones with you to different jobs.

Now before you get all “just buy wireless bro” on me, understand that wireless is not the solution for everyone. I personally prefer wired not only for sound quality (it’s better, that’s just a fact), but also because I don’t have the time or desire to juggle battery life on another device (ask my phone, it’s died more times than Kenny).

Anyway, rejoice, wired headphone users! Instructables member f5AFfMhv has a solution for you!

They installed an auxiliary port directly into their desk which feeds to their computer via an extension cable. It’s actually a pretty simple process that involves little more than drilling a couple holes and running some cable.

f5AFfMhv | Instructables

You can find the full tutorial here, where they go way more in-depth, including showing you how to modify your headphones if the cable and cans are one piece.