The greatest thing about peg boards is that they allow you to organize your tools on the wall rather than in toolboxes which eat up valuable floor space – but that’s also what makes them not so great. This DIY rolling peg board cart lets you bring your otherwise stationary tool collection with you so you have what you need right next to your car or any other project you’re working on – no more walking back and forth to search for tools!

Commercially available peg board carts run a few hundred smackers so Brad Justinen decided to build his own not only to save some dough but to practice his welding skills. If you’re shy about welding, you can adapt the design and use bolts instead.

Weld together pieces of scrap metal to create an A-frame and a sturdy rectangular base. I recommend welding plates to the base to serve as anchor points for your casters so you can change them out as they wear over time. If you weld your casters directly to the base then you’ll have to cut them out later. The height and width of your cart is up to you, but Brad wanted to fit a small bits organizer at the bottom so he made his a bit taller. Create a wooden frame for each peg board to reduce flex under the weight of your tools and screw the peg board frames to your metal truss. As a bonus you can also screw all kinds of hooks, handles and holders to the exposed wooden frames on either side of your cart.

How to make a rolling peg board tool cart

For detailed instructions, check out Brad’s step-by-step: Brad Justinen | Instructables