Today in 1976, two Iranian Air Force F-4 Phantom II fighter jets investigated claims of a UFO flying over Tehran, Iran. Reportedly, the planes both suffered various equipment malfunctions while on approach, which seemingly fixed themselves upon departure from the object. In actuality, what most people saw was a series of meteor showers that happen annually, the Gamma Piscids, the Southern Piscids, and the Eta Draconids. As for the equipment malfunctions, it was later clarified that only one plane reported equipment malfunction, and that plane had a history of malfunctioning equipment to begin with. Author Brian Dunning said of the incident, “Once we look at all the story’s elements without the presumption of an alien spaceship, the only thing unusual about the Tehran 1976 UFO case is that planes were chasing celestial objects and had equipment failures. There have been many cases where planes had equipment failures, and there have been many cases where planes misidentified celestial objects. Once in a while, both will happen on the same flight.”