Gearhead Diva

Ever watch those car shows on TV where exhaust installs only take half an hour, screws never break or strip and have to be drilled out, parts fit like they’re supposed to right out of the box, and there’s no shortage of expensive equipment and tools to make customizing a breeze?

Rachel De Barros’ Gearhead Diva is an automotive how-to and car culture community geared towards real enthusiasts featuring installations, performance upgrades and modifications that use common tools your average gearhead already has in their garage.

We get into the nuts and bolts of car customizing from a perspective of one DIY enthusiast to another – while addressing shared challenges and limitations that come up along the way.

Whether it’s installing bolt-on performance modifications, enhancing the exterior to match your personal style, wiring up your electronics, or preparing your car for a show or track meet, Gearhead Diva pushes the limits of creativity to give enthusiasts the confidence to customize their ride with the products they always wanted and install it themselves.

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