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September 6, 1968: Eric Clapton Records Guitar For Beatles Collaboration

Today in 1968, Eric Clapton recorded the lead guitar for George Harrison's "While My Guitar Gently Weeps." The song marked the beginning of Harrison's maturation as a songwriter. The song was recently voted the sixth best musical collaboration by Rolling Stone. The song was inspired by the growing divide in the Beatles following their trip to India to study Transcendental Meditation.

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August 8, 1969: Abbey Road Cover Is Shot

Today in 1969, photographer Iain MacMillan shot the now-iconic picture of the The Beatles crossing Abbey Road, just outside EMI Studios. The picture would become the cover art for their album Abbey Road. The image is presented as the sole focal point of the album cover, lacking the band and album names. It is one of most iconic images in music history. The crosswalk is now "listed" in the U.K., meaning it will be preserved for its "cultural and historical significance." EarthCam has had a webcam permanently installed at the crosswalk since 2011.

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June 25, 1967: Beatles Close Out Historic Our World TV Special

Today in 1967, the first ever live, international satellite television program was broadcast. Our World, a series of creative arts concerts, was broadcast from 14 different countries and featured artists of all kinds, from musicians to painters. It became the most-watched event in television history to that point. Our World was also the world premiere of the Beatles' number one hit "All You Need Is Love," which was written by John Lennon for the event.   Image Credit: The Beatles Bible

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