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How Servo Motors Work

"See here? Someone has tampered with the servo. They switched the ground to the negative, so when he put the key in the lock...""He completed the circuit."Ghost in the Machine (1993) First of all, what exactly is a servo? A servomechanism is technically any automatic device that can correct its own position based on negative feedback. Negative feedback is the process by which electrical signals are fed back in a manner that ultimately reduces further fluctuations. Servo motors can rotate or push components with amazing accuracy using this method. Servos are very widely used in a vast array of electronics. Volume knobs, gas pedals, even…

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Types of Wire Strippers/Cutters

"Mickey, you're gonna get in there, start stripping wires, and you're gonna ---- everything up!"The Battery (2012) Choosing the right tool for the job is arguably the most important step in the planning process of any project. While it may not seem like something you really need to plan for, having a good pair of wire strippers at the ready will save you a lot of hassle when the time comes that you actually need them. There are a few different types of wire strippers on the market, ranging from very basic to pretty ingenious. First, let's take a look at the most basic of…

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Reading Axial Resistors

"Resistance is useless."Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy Resistors are a necessary part of any electrical system. They provide the ability to limit current and signal flow, among many other uses. There are numerous different types of resistors, all varying in size and power, but we're going to take a closer look at arguably the most common type- axial resistors. Axial resistors are pretty easily recognizable, even to people who know little about electronics. Chances are you've seen these tiny little dumbbell-shaped components around. You may have also noticed a lot of them have different colored bands going around them. These colors actually indicate just how…

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