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November 27, 2001: First Atmosphere Discovered on Extrasolar Planet

Today in 2001, NASA and the ESA's Hubble Space Telescope detected sodium in the atmosphere surrounding HD 209458 b, nicknamed Osiris. This marked the first time that an atmosphere had been detected on an exoplanet (a planet outside of our Sun's solar system). The find was predicted by award-winning exoplanet expert Sara Seager weeks before.

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May 30, 1975: The ESA is Formed

Today in 1975, the European Space Agency was formed. Headquartered in Paris, France, the ESA is a joint space exploration program between (currently) 22 European countries. They have collaborated with NASA as well as the major aeronautical organizations of China, Russia, and Japan. Ten of the ESA's countries have members stationed on the International Space Station.   Image Credit: Space Boosters

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