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June 17, 1987: Dusky Seaside Sparrow Becomes Extinct

Today in 1987, "Orange Band," the last surviving dusky seaside sparrow, died on Discovery Island at the Walt Disney World Resort. In 1981, it was discovered that only five of the breed remained, all of them being male. In 1983, the four remaining sparrows were transported to Discovery Island to try crossbreeding and allow the birds to live out their final days protected. Crossbreeding was ultimately not a success.   Image Credit: Joel Sartore | National Geographic

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June 4, 1984: Extinct Animal Quagga Has Genes Cloned

Today in 1984, scientists at U.C. Berkley successfully cloned small bits of quagga DNA from preserved skin.  It went extinct 100 years prior. While this hasn't led to the species being revitalized (yet), the cloned samples led to many new discoveries about the quagga, such as it being a subspecies of zebra (it was previously thought to have been its own species).   Image Credit: The Quagga Project

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