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November 8, 1972: HBO’s First Broadcast

Today in 1972, the Home Box Office first began airing programming, beginning with Paul Newman's 1971 drama Sometimes a Great Notion. HBO debuted on a Service Electric cable TV system in Wilkes-Barre, PA. It premiered to little fanfare and even less interest. HBO maintained a small subscriber base for two years, almost constantly losing money. In late September 1975, HBO switched from a microwave-based delivery system to a satellite-based one. This marked a massive shift in HBO's availability and popularity, allowing the network to broadcast across the entire country. The first program broadcast in this new format was the record-breaking Thrilla in Manila boxing match,…

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June 2, 2002: The Wire Premieres

Today in 2002, HBO's epic crime drama The Wire premiered. The series was a hit for many reasons; its gritty, realistic portrayal of the Baltimore drug scene, "visual novel" style writing, and cast performances. It is widely considered one of the best television series in history. If you're not all in the game, you should be.   Image Credit: AV Club

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