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December 1, 1913: Henry Ford Introduces The First Moving Assembly Line

Today in 1913, industrialist Henry Ford introduced the first moving assembly line to the public. The idea was brought to Ford by William Klann after witnessing a similar "disassembly" line at a slaughterhouse. The idea was simple- if cars can be assembled in multiple stages simultaneously, production would increase. It certainly did, lowering the time it took to assemble one car to 93 minutes. Cars were being completely assembled faster than the paint would dry, leading to Ford only offering one color (black, which dried the fastest) for several years. Ford followed the principles of design for his assembly line: (1) Place the tools and…

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May 25, 1927: Henry Ford Rocks The Automotive World

Today in 1927, Henry Ford announced he would be discontinuing his ground-breaking Model T. The next day, Ford and his son Edsel drove the 15 millionth, and last, Model T out of the factory. The Model T debuted in October 1908, and its immense popularity led the U.S. government to make paving new roads a top priority. During the announcement, Ford delivered a eulogy of sorts to his greatest creation, saying, “It had stamina and power. It was the car that ran before there were good roads to run on. It broke down the barriers of distance in rural sections, brought people of these sections…

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