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December 2, 1993: NASA Launches First Hubble Repair Mission

Today in 1993, NASA launched the Space Shuttle Endeavour on mission STS-61. The mission lasted just under 11 days and saw the installation of a new main camera, as well as various other repairs. The Hubble Space Telescope was originally launched on April 24, 1990. It remains in functioning order today and is one of the most recognizable symbols of NASA. It is estimated that it will continue to function for another 10-20 years.

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November 27, 2001: First Atmosphere Discovered on Extrasolar Planet

Today in 2001, NASA and the ESA's Hubble Space Telescope detected sodium in the atmosphere surrounding HD 209458 b, nicknamed Osiris. This marked the first time that an atmosphere had been detected on an exoplanet (a planet outside of our Sun's solar system). The find was predicted by award-winning exoplanet expert Sara Seager weeks before.

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August 30, 1984: Space Shuttle Discovery’s Maiden Voyage

Today in 1984, NASA's Space Shuttle Discovery launched on its maiden voyage. Discovery was in operation for over 27 years before its final touchdown on March 9, 2011. During its run, it was launched and landed 39 times, the most by any spacecraft to date. Among its notable voyages is the launching of the Hubble Space Telescope in 1990 and the second flight of astronaut John Glenn in 1998, who became the oldest man in space at 77 years old. Discovery was the first operational shuttle to be retired, and is currently on display in Virginia at the Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center, an annex of…

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