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November 13, 1940: Disney Screens Fantasia

Today in 1940, Disney's masterpiece film Fantasia had its first screening at New York City's Broadway Theater. The film is comprised of several classical music pieces by different composers (Beethoven, Bach, and Tchaikovsky, among others) set to various styles of animation. Over 1,000 artists and technicians worked on the film's animation. The music was performed by Leopold Stokowski and the Philadelphia Orchestra. Fantasia has gone on to become one of the most successful and acclaimed animated films of all time.

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May 15, 1928: Mickey Mouse Makes His Debut

Today in 1928, Walt Disney and Ub Iwerks released the silent animated short Plane Crazy. It introduced the first incarnations of Mickey and Minnie Mouse and was also the first animated film to feature a moving camera. The film failed to find a distributor at the time, but the success of Steamboat Willie, and the addition of sound, led to a re-release on March 17, 1929. By that time it was the fourth Mickey film to be released, despite actually being the first.   Image Credit: Hilarity by Default...

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