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Cast Your Own Vinyl Records

Before we even get into this one, we do NOT condone the copying and selling of another artists work. This project is for fun, not a way to illegally copy music. It seems like vinyl, despite being older than cassette tapes and CDs, is the one physical music storage system that will never go out of style. Some audiophiles swear by vinyl's quality (though empirical evidence may sometimes disagree), but like most things it all comes down to personal preference. It may not be "better" sound, but there is something distinctly unique about a vinyl recording. One thing a lot of vinyl records are not…

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Gorgeous Homemade Guitar Pedal Board

So, you're a guitarist right? That probably means you have at least a couple of effects pedals. Sure it's simple enough to pack and unpack, plug and unplug each time you use them, but wouldn't it be great if you just didn't have to? That's where a pedalboard comes in! If you aren't familiar with pedalboards, their primary purpose is to provide a box where all of your pedals can live, always connected and ready to be plugged into. You can buy pedalboards at just about any musical instrument store, but good-looking and long-lasting ones can come with a hefty price tag. If you have…

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