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September 11, 1826: A Mysterious Disappearance

Today in 1826, Captain William Morgan, an ex-Freemason, was arrested and jailed for failing to pay debts owed and alleged theft. He had previously vowed to write a book exposing all of the Freemasons' secrets. Several days after being jailed, Morgan was broken out of prison by a group a Freemasons who escorted him to Fort Niagara in New York, after which he was never seen or heard from again. Morgan's book, Illustrations of Masonry, was released soon after his disappearance and became an instant best-seller. Several theories exist to explain Morgan's disappearance. Popular ones include Morgan being taken out to the Niagara River by…

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August 18, 1590: What Happened to Roanoke?

Today in 1590, colonist John White returned to Roanoke (now Dare Country, NC) after a 3-year absence to find his entire colony had disappeared without a trace. The only clue ever found was the word "CROATOAN" carved into a tree. Roanoke has since become known as The Lost Colony. To this day no hard evidence has been found to back up any theories about the disappearance. The Roanoke mystery became the focal point of the sixth season of FX's American Horror Story, and was the inspiration for the season 2 episode "Croatoan" of the CW's Supernatural.

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