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Space-Saving, Folding Sawhorses You Can Make At Home

Sawhorses are an essential part of any woodworker's shop. Actually, sawhorses are an essential part of any shop, period. The major downside to them is that they can take up a pretty large footprint of space, and as we all know, space is one of the most crucial commodities in a shop. Sawhorses themselves are nothing new. They date back to at least the mid 16th century. Since that time, very little has been altered about their design, with one huge exception- portability. Folding sawhorses are largely the same as their non-folding kindred in design and reliability, but can be quickly broken down to save…

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Folding Workbench for Space-challenged Shops

Not everyone has a massive shop to work in. It's likely that, if you're reading this, you probably have a bit of a space problem. Don't we all! Whether we have to share our space with another person or a whole bunch of "we'll get to it someday" storage items, we could all benefit from a little more space. This handy little build from the lovely and talented Elisha over at Pneumatic Addict can really save you a ton of space (assuming you're not doing anything too heavy-duty). She starts with a design from American Woodworking Magazine (now Popular Woodworking Magazine), which uses plenty of…

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