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Redneck Car Rim BBQ

If you have an impressive junk pile ...err ...treasure pile, chances are there's a spare set of wheels buried somewhere inside that trove. Why spend beaucoup bucks on a grill or fire pit when you have everything you need to build your own and wow your friends with a one-of-a-kind piece. Cut off matching rectangles on the backside of each wheel so that when you join them together it creates a hole where you can put your logs or charcoal. Put the wheels on top of each other back-to-back and weld the back sides together and you're ready to use it as a fire pit…

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Blooming Hubcaps Garden Art

Ugh, hubcaps! Not even your car likes them. Much like those smokin' hot but uncomfortable stiletto shoes that have no function other than to look good, cars can't wait to kick them off their feet after being in them for a while. They end up discarded on the side of the road like heels piling up against a wall towards the end of a party. When Reeves at The Weathered Door kept seeing them along her commute she took up a new sport: hubcapping! To play, keep your eyes peeled while driving and when you see a hubcap, pull over, jump out of the car…

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This Old Oil Barrel Now Serves Up Some Delicious Grillables

Every single day millions of oil barrels are produced and disposed of across the planet, most of which end up in landfills where they live the rest of their days contributing to global pollution and posing a serious hazard to our health and the environment. It's no wonder when you think of oil barrels, it's the last thing you'd want anywhere near your home. But luckily there's DIYers like us and njoyard at Imgur who believe even the biggest eye sore can become something blindingly beautiful. It all started with a red 200L motor oil barrel he found that was obviously used to store fuel…

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