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Redneck Car Rim BBQ

If you have an impressive junk pile ...err ...treasure pile, chances are there's a spare set of wheels buried somewhere inside that trove. Why spend beaucoup bucks on a grill or fire pit when you have everything you need to build your own and wow your friends with a one-of-a-kind piece. Cut off matching rectangles on the backside of each wheel so that when you join them together it creates a hole where you can put your logs or charcoal. Put the wheels on top of each other back-to-back and weld the back sides together and you're ready to use it as a fire pit…

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Turn an Old Chair into a Beautiful Swing

Like most DIYers, I hate wasting good things. When a piece of furniture breaks, like this dinner chair, it's often tempting to just throw it out. Instead, Amy at This DIY Life knew it would make the perfect backyard attraction to hang from their old maple tree and be a hit with her nieces and nephews. Removing the legs and painting the chair was the easy part but hanging it securely from the tree took a little trial and error. It turns out that simply throwing some rope over a tree branch can seriously damage the tree. Luckily, one of the experts at This Old…

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