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May 30, 1975: The ESA is Formed

Today in 1975, the European Space Agency was formed. Headquartered in Paris, France, the ESA is a joint space exploration program between (currently) 22 European countries. They have collaborated with NASA as well as the major aeronautical organizations of China, Russia, and Japan. Ten of the ESA's countries have members stationed on the International Space Station.   Image Credit: Space Boosters

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May 29, 1999: First Shuttle Dock on International Space Station

Today in 1999, the Space Shuttle Discovery became the first shuttle to dock with the International Space Station. Mission STS-96 was a resupply mission launched from Kennedy Space Center on May 27. The mission lasted just under 10 days. In addition to the space station part resupply, a copy of Blizzard Entertainment's best-selling real time strategy game StarCraft was also included as part of the payload.   Image Credit: Wikipedia

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May 14, 1973: US Launches First Space Station

Today in 1973, The United States' first space station, Skylab, was launched into space by NASA. It was visited 3 times by manned expeditions between 1973 and 1974. Over it's 6 years in orbit, Skylab made huge strides in solar science and our knowledge of the sun. Skylab's atmospheric re-entry was on July 11, 1979.   Image Credit: Wikipedia

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