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Handy Pull-Out Hardware Bins with Muffin Tins

It's easy for your workbench to get cluttered with miscellaneous bits like nails, screws, electrical connectors and fasteners but these inexpensive pull-out muffin trays are the perfect solution to keeping them out-of-sight yet right at your fingertips. The Family Handyman advises using heavy gauge muffin tins that won't bend when full. Attach them to the underside of your work surface using a machine head screw (as the pivot point) with fender washers above and below the tin and two nuts against each other on the underneath so the assembly won't loosen. Now load up the bins and admire that pivoting action! Hardware Bins Made from…

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Under-shelf Jar Storage for Small Hardware

No matter how hard you try, little hardware pieces always seem to end up in a junk drawer or open box where you prick your hand anytime you have to sift through it just to find the right size washer or nut. Here's a storage idea that re-purposes those plastic jars you tend to collect in the trash while also putting to work that useless space under your last shelf. Screw the lids under a shelf, load up your jars with whatever small bits you need storing and twist the jar onto its lid. The jars will hang from their own caps, screwed into the…

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