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Rolling Peg Board Tool Cart

The greatest thing about peg boards is that they allow you to organize your tools on the wall rather than in toolboxes which eat up valuable floor space - but that's also what makes them not so great. This DIY rolling peg board cart lets you bring your otherwise stationary tool collection with you so you have what you need right next to your car or any other project you're working on - no more walking back and forth to search for tools! Commercially available peg board carts run a few hundred smackers so Brad Justinen decided to build his own not only to save…

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Easy Grab Pin Cushion for Pointy Tools

Trying to finish a project but keep losing track of your bits and small tools as soon as you put them down? Put a stop to this all too familiar disappearing act with this gearhead version of a pin cushion by The Family Handyman. It makes a convenient storage place for the immediate things you need while getting the job done. To make your own pointy-tool pin cushion, glue a piece of 1 1/2-inch thick high-density styrofoam onto a 1/2-inch thick piece of plywood. Leave about an inch of wood for a border around the foam. Make sure to use a foam-compatible adhesive like PL…

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