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Types of Wire Strippers/Cutters

"Mickey, you're gonna get in there, start stripping wires, and you're gonna ---- everything up!"The Battery (2012) Choosing the right tool for the job is arguably the most important step in the planning process of any project. While it may not seem like something you really need to plan for, having a good pair of wire strippers at the ready will save you a lot of hassle when the time comes that you actually need them. There are a few different types of wire strippers on the market, ranging from very basic to pretty ingenious. First, let's take a look at the most basic of…

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A Guide To Buying Used Tools

"They're secondhand weapons, but they're still okay."Lord of War (2005) Buying anything used can be a hassle. Unless you are one of those people who loves buying and flipping other peoples' junk, you probably aren't looking forward to the process. But, then you remember how much money you'll probably save and the hunt begins. Before you jump into the wild world of secondhand tools, let's take a crash course is buying used! Planning, Planning, Planning The first and most important step before buying a used tool is knowing its value. Research prices- brand new retail prices, used prices on eBay, knock-off brand prices on Amazon,…

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