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Mjolnir Baby Rattle

Even the God of Thunder was a baby at some point. And what could be more adorable than a miniature Mjolnir rattle? Instructables user IJustLikeMakingThings had that idea and rolled with it. It's actually a pretty simple wood working project, but since it is wood, you probably shouldn't give this to your baby until they've developed at least some control of their motor functions. It might be cute but if the kid is whacking himself in the head with it over and over it could end poorly. Instructables | IJustLikeMakingThings The head of the hammer is just 3 wood rectangles glued together with the center…

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Wooden Cell Phone Amplifier/Charger

I'm sure most people have a speaker of some sort to connect their phone to these days, but wouldn't it be cool to naturally amplify your phone's volume? Oh, and charge it at the same time? Woodworker Paul Mayer designed this elegant wood amplifier that doubles as a charging station. It's not exactly a beginner's project, but if you have some woodworking experience it shouldn't be too hard to follow. WWGOA | Paul Mayer You'll be making some interesting cuts like the one above and it's not really going to look like much until you've finished, but the results will speak for themselves. The project…

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Know What Wood is Right For Your Project

"A guy who came to Fight Club for the first time, his ass was a wad of cookie dough. After a few weeks, he was carved out of wood." Fight Club (1999) Woodworking is one of the oldest skilled trades in human history. Along with stone, clay, and animal renderings, wood was one of the most important materials for developing homo erectus. Of course, they didn't have the benefits of world trade and large-scale transportation back then, so most early human ancestors just used what was available. Today, we have access to any type of wood we please, delivered to our door. Since we have…

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