Your grill and cooler are the most popular guests at any pool party. People can’t help but gather around their delicious and refreshing personalities. Unfortunately, they are not great swimmers so any time you want a hydrating conversation (a drink) you have to get out of the pool and drip over to the cooler. Wouldn’t it be nice to hang out in the pool together?

Commercially available drink floaters run about $40 and they only hold a few cans or bottles so MacGeek at Instructables decided to rig his own for about $2. He hit the local dollar store and picked up a pool noodle, a medium-sized plastic storage container (with a locking lid) and some waterproof nylon rope.

Pool Noodle Floating Cooler

Cut the noodle into four pieces to roughly match the lengths of the container and use the rope to tie the pieces together so they cradle the container and catch on the lip. Add some ice and your favorite beverages and your floating cooler is ready for its maiden voyage. MacGeek even tied a long piece of string to the assembly so that he could grab onto it and pull the cooler towards him.

Now this gets me thinking… What if we were to attach a couple of remote control boats to the cooler and sail it from guest to guest?!

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