I’m sure most people have a speaker of some sort to connect their phone to these days, but wouldn’t it be cool to naturally amplify your phone’s volume? Oh, and charge it at the same time?

Woodworker Paul Mayer designed this elegant wood amplifier that doubles as a charging station. It’s not exactly a beginner’s project, but if you have some woodworking experience it shouldn’t be too hard to follow.

WWGOA | Paul Mayer

You’ll be making some interesting cuts like the one above and it’s not really going to look like much until you’ve finished, but the results will speak for themselves. The project is best tackled with a bandsaw and table saw, but you should be able to get away with just a mitre saw or even a circular saw if you’re good enough.

WWGOA | Paul Mayer

After all of your cuts, there’s really nothing more than gluing, sanding and finishing. There aren’t any tricky cuts or joints you have to worry about here.

The entire in-depth walk-through can be found on the Woodworker’s Guild of America website.